Founding Story & Development

Spectos, an independent institution for market research and technology, was founded in Dresden in 2001 and has been growing ever since. With locations in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Vietnam and North America, we manage international projects and topics for leading companies in an array of industries.


We’ve been providing industry leaders with individual solutions for decades with statistical measurements and innovative Feedback Management systems. We emphasize the importance of using cutting-edge technology, in-house developments, and modern sensors to ensure that our products are of the highest quality possible.

Through our close collaboration with clients such as Samsung, Bosch, Audi, and Postcon, we’ve gained extensive experience in the following industries and areas: postal industry, logistics industry, automobile industry, service & hospitality industry, construction industry, retail, and technology.

Approach & Corporate Philosophy

At Spectos, we believe that real progress comes from continuous effort day by day. It starts with understanding processes and operations from the customer’s perspective, as well as not only listening to, but learning from the voice of the customer. To achieve the best results possible, we’re always looking for customer-oriented talent ready for new adventures in our specific industry niche.

Talents wanted and opportunities

We are a dynamic team, develop our products with pride and passion, and do everything in our power to show our clients that their projects are in great hands.

Based on the principles of Six Sigma, we’ve constructed a team of market researchers, engineers, developers, designers, mathematicians, analysts, and experienced account managers to successfully manage and master all of our clients’ requirements and demands.