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Being perceived as an attractive employer relies on having a strong employer brand. This also includes treating our applicants with appreciation. We achieve this through the Empfehlungsbund network. At the same time, its reputation in the region increases the visibility of mobilplus Systemhaus GmbH among professionals who are actively seeking jobs.

M. Tony Nobst

As mobilplus Systemhaus, we offer our customers a 360° service: continuously and professionally, we are there to support them in all IT-related matters. We establish customized IT environments, provide advice on digitizing business processes, serve as the primary point of contact for meeting legal requirements regarding data protection, and implement modern telephony and communication solutions. At our location in Kesselsdorf, we assist over 400 customers: competent, personal, and reliable. As part of the strong HM3T corporate network with over 250 employees, we are secure and firmly rooted in the region.

Talents wanted and opportunities

Each individual employee contributes an ingredient to our recipe for success. We create a work environment where everyone feels valued and integrated. We communicate on an equal footing - from apprentices to managers. We embrace a culture that encourages mutual assistance and allows for mistakes. With us, you are not just an employee, but a co-creator. We have an open corporate culture that translates suggestions for improvements into action. This enables us to meet the complexity, fast pace, and global demands of the working world, fostering innovation, collaboration, and results-oriented approaches. Become a co-creator and let's write a success story together! Let's do IT.

Locations of the mobilplus Systemhaus GmbH

The mobilplus Systemhaus GmbH posts open positions for jobs, internships and apprenticeships in 01723 Kesselsdorf bei/in Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge in Sachsen and 01987 Schwarzheide bei/in Oberspreewald-Lausitz in Brandenburg. Work from home (WFH) is also offered for all positions/locations.

Jobs for professionals and executives

Mitarbeiter in der Organisation (Disponent) / Innendienst Kundenbetreuung (m/w/d)

Schwarzheide (hybrid)
Advanced Senior Junior
Part time possible
28 Vacation days
On the spot
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